Dustin Greer | Issaquah, WA

We fully expect “Duster” to bring his balance sheet equipped with speed, aggression and drive to this year’s Duhcathlon. In fact, many consider him to be the hardest working man in Issaquah (both on and off track). We agree, and shudder at the thought of Dustin claiming an early lead in this competition.

Seth Wills | Seattle, WA

It’s safe to say that Seth is laid back. And with deep surf roots and golden brown skin, Seth’s impact on surfing mirrors the 90s Internet revolution. There’s no question that both will end up changing the world. Until then, his many talents make him formidable in this event.

Ryan Moore | Issaquah, WA

Ryan loves shiny objects. Fishing lures, that big silver button on the Xbox 360 controller that he invented, and the sparkling wheels on his fleet of Audis. But each of these pale in comparison to the esteem that comes with the king of shiny objects. With this in mind, Ryan is laser-focused on hoisting that magnificent, shiny Duhcathlon trophy over his head to validate the magnitude of his dominance.

Fabio Soleibe | Issaquah, WA

Claiming Colombia, but hailing from the thriving metropolis of Bellevue, Fabio’s got his eye on a top-five Duhcathlon finish in 2013. When this marketer isn’t making you crave the cloud, he can be found boosting bold 170s Powder Valley. Don’t let his cool demeanor fool you; this competitor will get in your head to get on the podium.

Jeff Dunbar | Sammamish, WA

For three years, Jeff traded the Pacific Northwest for the fast-paced, cutthroat world of Manhattan. The late nights, hedge funds, crowded streets and flat pizza took their toll. And while he's back in the suburbs calling friends "bro," everyone knows that his East-coast mindset could return and catapult him to the podium.

Chris Shepherd | Issaquah, WA

Everyone knows that Northwest ripper Chris Shepherd creatively shreds any environment he finds himself in — snow, cement and the foothills of Tiger Mountain. But few know that he has a secret training facility in Graham, Washington where he’s been preparing for the Duhcathlon’s tandem bike time trials. Expect big things in 2013.

Adam Lile | Sammamish, WA

The mind of outdoorsman Adam Lile is a profound, unexpected algorithm. Many pretend to comprehend its capabilities, but few realize the advantage posed by what amounts to just 2% of the body's mass. Anyone who has attempted to out-logic Adam has been reduced to a pool of mumbling banter. We "think" the future is bright for one of Issaquah's greats.

Adam Rodgers | Issaquah, WA

Banker. Father. Civic driver. Milwaukee resident. Fan. Christian. Skater hater. Closet skater. Tie adorner. Homeowner. Husband. Home run hitter. Suburbanite. Underwriter. Underwearer. Winner. Duhcathlon. Champion.

Josh Powell | Issaquah, WA

Grapeview. Bellingham. Issaquah. Each have given Josh a 'key to the city' for his unmatched commitment and contribution to building communities. Many would stop there, but not Josh. After sweeping the first five Duhcathlon events, he plans to head for an even bigger stage. Hong Kong. A city with an altitude of 33 feet and population that far exceeds both Enumclaw and Mukilteo combined. Impressive.

JohnE/Johnny Phillips | Sammamish, WA

A close friend of Pete Carroll, JohnE/Johnny loves to "compete." So when he's not painted blue and green in the Hawk's Nest, he's either encouraging his family and building others up according to their needs, or rocking burpees, box-jumps and barbells. Guess who's raising the 12th Man Flag after this year's Duhcathlon?

Todd Farley | Issaquah, WA

Having already won this year’s inaugural Duhcathlon, Todd has set his sights on more important things. Becoming a New York Times bestselling author, assembling a contending team for the 2013 Tour de France, resolving tension in the Middle East, and promoting the importance of our local library system.

Marshall Jamieson | Mercer Island, WA

Marshall lives on an island, has a wife and three kids, and wakes up each morning inspired to shape the hearts and minds of Generation Y, the future. A life like that requires a dedication to staying healthy. So in his spare time, he eats steak, does push-ups, takes vitamins, supplements, minerals and 100% whey protein, and dedicates time to muscle building workouts. He enters Ducathlon at the doorstep of greatness.