The Timed Mile

TBD | Issaquah High School Track

In this timed event, our athletes will valiently battle the clock in a sprint to the finish line. Our money is on Athlete Josh Powell to narrowly edge DG at the line.

Tandem Bike Time Trial

TBD | Front Street, Issaquah, WA

This event has been called a terrible idea born of poor judgement. Is this true... probably, but it's sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Home Run Derby

TBD | Central Park Baseball Fields, Issaquah, WA

Will there be a home run? Will they move in the fences? Come watch Todd Farley jump to an early lead and cruise to a first place finish.


TBD | Location TBD

Dangerous? Probobly. We're as interested to find out what Ryan Moore has in mind as you are.

Frisbee Golf

TBD | Northgate, WA

Fabio Soleibe's go-to event. Look for steady-Eddy Adam Rodgers to remain cool and eke out a narrow victory.


TBD | 370 NE Birch Street, Issaquah, WA

A favorite and a classic. Count on Seth Wills' unorthodox moves to bring home the bacon.


TBD | Location TBD

Whether it's putt-putt or par 3, my money's on the man with a par 3 training facility in his backyard: Jeff Dunbar.

K1 Speed Carts

TBD | Location: K1 Speed

"...K1 Speed is uniquely equipped to help with your next corporate event, team building activity, seminar, product launch, catered function, birthday party, bachelor party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or special occasion." How could they leave out the Duhcathlon? We don't know either, especially with John E Phillips behind the wheel.

Love Dare (?)

TBD | Location TBD

This event may not make the cut unless Marshall Jamieson comes up with something incredible.


TBD | 370 NE Birch Street, Issaquah, WA

Not this Pong or this Pong, but this Pong. BYOP.


TBD | Location TBD

Tastefully referred to as cornhole by some, this may be the one event fans can afford to miss. Bagz is a registered trademark of Fabio Soleibe. All rights reserved.

Shuffle Board

TBD Tuesday | Issaquah Brewhouse, Issaquah, WA

No Todd Farley, we cannot/will not relocate to the Rolling Log. BYOHS.